New data releases

Twenty-year Review of the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) 2016

Twelve interviews with key informants were conducted to assist with reviewing the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) to mark the 20th year celebration of its existence in 2016.

Evaluation of Access to Justice and Promotion of Constitutional Rights Programme (AJPCR) 2016 - South Africa

The Inception Report made provision for 9 key informant interviews, a total of 18 key informant interviews were conducted. As planned twelve focus group interviews were conducted. Over 100 documents were studied.

National Research and Experimental Development Survey (R&D) 2014-15: All provinces in South Africa - Aggregated

This data set contains data on the R&D expenditure by province, type of R&D, research fields, socioeconomic objectives, sources of funds and province. R&D personnel data is also included. The data is recorded for each of the following economic sectors of the South African economy: Business, Government, Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Science Councils.