New data releases.

South African National HIV Prevalence, HIV Incidence, Behaviour and Communication Survey (SABSSM) 2017: Combined - All provinces

In the combined data set three individual data sets were merged; parents/guardians for children to 11 years, children 12 to 14 years, youths and adults 15 years and older.

The data set has modules that contain information on biographical data, orphan status, school attendance, media, communication and norms, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and values about HIV/AIDS, sexual history, sexually transmitted infections, delivery and care details, male circumcision, HIV testing and risk perception, drug and alcohol use, health status, and violence in relationships. The datasets also contains biological markers such as HIV status, exposure to ARVs, viral load suppression and HIV drug resistance.

The data set contains 1 090 variables and 66 615 cases.

Gauteng State of the Youth Survey (GSYS) 2018-19: Gauteng, South Africa

Topics covered in the questionnaire are: demographic information, education and employment, relationship with family and children, economic status, HIV/AIDS knowledge, race relations, youth risk behaviour (alcohol, drug and sex), political perceptions, trust and active citizenship.

The data set for dissemination contains 317 variables and 561 cases from the expected 700 which represented 80.1% response rate.

Gauteng State of the Youth Interviews (GSYI) 2018-19: Gauteng, South Africa

The data set reflects the focus group discussion that aimed to unpack the discursive construction of perceptions on the state of the youth in the Gauteng Province, as well as obtain views on the Tshepo 1 Million programme, an employment support entity of the Gauteng Office of the Premier.

Fifteen participants participated in the discussion.