New data releases.

People living with HIV Stigma Index: South Africa (STIGMA) 2014

This data set contains the responses from a purposive sample of 10 473 respondents who were all living with HIV and who were older than 15 years linked to either an organisation for PLHIV or attending health facilities and NGOs for the purposes of accessing support or care related to HIV and AIDS, with the purpose to measure self-reported stigma and discrimination experienced by PLHIV nationally.

The data set for dissemination contains 377 variables and 10 473 cases which represented 100% response rate.

South African National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (SANHANES-1) 2011-12: Adult Physical Examination - All provinces

This data set contains the 396 variables of the participants aged 15 and older for the SANHANES-1 adult physical examination. The total number of records are 17 938 participants aged 15 years and older who participated in one or more of the interviews, physical examination and clinical examination. Of these 7 340 individuals volunteered to undergo the physical examination.

The data in physical examination form covers the following sections: general patient history, detailed patient history, systematic clinical examination, blood pressure and pulse rate, step fitness test, and anthropometry.

THRD Skills Audit Review: Background Paper - Higher Education and Training Institutions Survey Report

The data set contains 129 variables and 84 educators of Tourism and related subjects and qualifications who completed the web-based online survey.