New data releases.

National Research and Experimental Development Survey (R&D) 2018-19: All provinces in South Africa - Aggregated

This data set contains data on the R&D expenditure by province, type of R&D, research fields, socioeconomic objectives, sources of funds and province. R&D personnel data is also included. The data is recorded for each of the following economic sectors of the South African economy: Business, Government, Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Science Councils.

Adverse event reporting in drug resistant tuberculosis facilities in South Africa (AEDR-TB) 2019: Drug resistant Tuberculosis facilities - All provinces

The data set contains 264 variables and 164 responses were received. The respondents were individuals working at DR-TB treatment facilities in South Africa.

The denominator could not be determined as some staff were shift workers or on leave during the visits to the DR-TB facilities. The estimated coverage of all staff exceeded 80%.