New data releases.

South African National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (SANHANES-1) 2011-12: Adult clinical examination - All provinces

The data set for dissemination contains 23 variables and 5615 cases of respondents aged 15 and older who participated in the SANHANES-1 Adult clinical examination, with a specific focus on information relating to blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

National Research and Experimental Development Survey (R&D) 2020-21: All provinces in South Africa - Aggregated

This data set contains data on the R&D expenditure by province, type of R&D, research fields, socioeconomic objectives, sources of funds and province. R&D personnel data is also included. The data is recorded for each of the following economic sectors of the South African economy: Business, Government, Higher Education, Not-for-Profit Organisations and Science Councils.

South African Democracy Expert Survey (SADES) 2021

The data set measures the views of experts on South African democracy drawing from the relevant indicators of the Varieties of Democracy (V- Dem) project, which include accountability, civil and political liberties, elections and campaigns, the right to franchise, separation of powers, voter participation, civic education, equality before the law, ethical political elite behaviour and political tolerance.

Of the targeted population of 159, 51 responses (32%) were realised.

The data set contains 57 variables and 51 cases.