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Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) Research Seminars 2016-2017

The seminars focused on HSRC projects that were underway in 2016-2017 and related work being done elsewhere at the time of the seminar. The seminars addressed latest research, identified research gaps, suggested new research agendas and explored potential policy relevance. This data set includes the proceedings of the 10 seminars of 2016-2017. The following themes were covered:

30 June 2016 - Rebellion of the poor: Research, politics, policing and people

01 July 2016 - Rebellion of the poor: Research on protests: South Africa, Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine Compared

28 September 2016 - Researching youth languages in Africa

21 November 2016 - Capacity building for (community) engaged scholarship

23 November 2016 - Policy co-ordination and growth traps in a middle-income country setting: The case of South Africa

24 November 2016 - Best practice in male circumcision: The acknowledgement of traditional leaders as custodians

08 March 2017 - The 'Human Capital Pipeline' - Human capabilities and the South African System of Innovation

22 March 2017 - Towards a more equal society: Perspectives of educational inequality in South Africa

23 March 2017 - The National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS): What does NIDS tell us about growing up in South Africa? A focus on children and youth

31 March 2017 - Intergenerational trauma and memory: Implications for social cohesion in contemporary South Africa