Projects with data sets

The improvement of maternal and child morbidity and mortality surveillance system of South Africa (MIMMS) 2014-15 Gap analysis

This project was conceived to investigate the functionality of the South African civil registration and vital statistics system, and to identify those shortcomings that undermine its effectiveness and accuracy in the surveillance of birth and death statistics relative to expectant mothers, infants and children. Through a Gap analysis the challenges, bottlenecks and short circuits (the 'gaps') within the surveillance system that serve to compromise the efficiency and effectiveness of the system were identified.

The moral ecology of South Africa's township youth (IKASI) 2004-05: Western Cape
This study offers a complex youth ethnography of the moral sphere that explores how young people living in a context of poverty understand the concept of morality and how this construction facilitates their processes of moral formation.
The socioeconomic dimensions of farming systems and rural farmer households in the context of food security: New generation vaccine programme 2016 (KAPP Vaccines) - Five provinces in South Africa

The study addresses a human and social development component within the agricultural Research Council-Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (OVI) New Generation Vaccine programme study: Livestock Vaccines Against Viral Diseases for Developing Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.

The State Of Mpumalanga Population Report (MPPOP)
Four Individual interviews with government officials and 6 Focus group interviews with youth participants of Mpumalanga were conducted to compile a comprehensive state of the population report.
The Status of the Youth Report (SYR)
The Status of the Youth Report (SYR) 2003-2004 was commissioned by the Umsobomvu Youth Fund as a background document against which to make future, regular assessments of the state of young people in South Africa.
The study makes assessments of the state of young people in South Africa in relation to education, economic and civic participation, and health and well-being. The study consisted of a literature review, secondary data analysis and a nationally representative survey of 3 541 young people aged 18-35 years. In addition to the report, an advocacy tool titled `Where we're at and where we're going: Young People in South Africa in 2005' relates the main findings of the study to the policy environment and to attempts by government to transform policy into practice.
Twenty-year Review of the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) 2016

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) celebrated its 20th year of existence in 2016. In order to assist with a review of this period in the life of the Chapter 9 institution, the CGE commissioned the Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery programme of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) to conduct research to mark its 20th year.

We look out for our children, South Africa (SIZE) 2010-12. Msunduzi Municipality - KwaZulu-Natal

More than two decades after the end of Apartheid, the well-being of South African children is still in a precarious state. An emerging body of research examines the role that poverty and HIV/AIDS play in household functioning, parental illness and death, children's adverse experiences and children's health, education and psychosocial development (e.g. Birdthistle, 2004, Foster & Williamson, 2000; Richter, 2004; Williamson, 2000).