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Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) Research Seminars 2015-2016

The seminars focused on HSRC projects that were underway in 2015-2016 and related work being done elsewhere at the time of the seminar. The seminars addressed latest research, identified research gaps, suggested new research agendas and explored potential policy relevance. This data set includes the proceedings of the 10 seminars of 2015-2016. The following themes were covered:

25 April 2015 - The role of government in an unequal world

26 August 2015 - The meaning of democracy in post-1994 rural South Africa: examples from research conducted in the Eastern Cape

27 August 2015 - The meaning of democracy in post-1994 rural South Africa: Policy implications of research conducted in the Eastern Cape and its impact on the Xhalanga District Court judgement

11 September 2015 - Terrorism, New Militarisms, and Human Rights - Transdisciplinary Approaches

14 September 2015 - Assessments of Social Inequality across Time and Countries

15 September 2015 - Attitudes Towards Social Inequality: Hopes, Fears and Global Prospects

16 November 2015 - The role of science councils in realizing national development goals

25 November 2015 - Exploring policy and practice for a gender responsive mining sector

27 November 2015 Bringing cognitive justice and restorative action in public policy making

17 March 2016 - A new social imaginary and subjectivities for a diverse, socially just world: some interventions

OXFAM 2010 Before We Eat We Must Struggle: The impact of the GEC at the household level evidence from a qualitative field study - Gauteng and Mpumalanga

The 2010 (May - June) dataset contains a summary of the household responses as given by the head or partner of head to the interview team, using a single aide-memoire interview schedule with open-ended questions together with some quantitative questions. It covers the household situation in regard to poverty, hunger and the impact of the 2008 Global Economic Crisis on poor households and on their members from 2008-2009. Both text transcriptions of the recorded responses and the quantitative material are included in the dataset. Not all households in the sample completed all the questions.

Twenty nine households with 14 at 'Swedenville' and 15 at 'Bergpoort' (Pseudo locations). The main respondent data set has 262 variables, 27 records. The household roster has 18 variables and 106 records. The merged dataset has 279 variables and 106 records.